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Conductive SDK Integration


Welcome to the setup documentation for Insights, a platform built by Conductive to give marketers and developers the best way to measure and grow their communities using insights drawn from Web2 and Web3 data regardless of the user journey, whether it be an NFT landing page, a dApp, or Discord.
This documentation will guide you through the setup process of the Conductive SDK, the events platform that powers Insights. We will provide clear context for its purpose and function.
If you have any questions or require troubleshooting when integrating the Conductive SDK, please reach out via [email protected].

What is the Conductive SDK?

The Conductive SDK combines Web2 and Web3 telemetries to help token and NFT projects answer one simple question: Who are my users?
We achieve this by measuring Web2 data via a simple and secure JavaScript snippet. We also monitor events across multiple publicly accessible blockchains and cohesively link the data together to provide a clearer view of a Web3 project’s users and their activity.
The aggregated data from Web2 and Web3 ecosystems represents the value of Insights to projects and brands by measuring Web3 user journeys from end to end.