Installing the SDK

To install the Conductive SDK in your web application or website, simply embed the snippet below.
Please note that each project has a unique Project API key. Before you proceed, please ensure that you have your API key. If you do not have one, the Conductive team will provide it.

Installation Methods

There are 2 major ways to use SDK in your web application or website.

1. Snippet embed

Utilize the below code snippet and paste it directly as the last element in your <HEAD> tag. This will be necessary for all pages you wish to track.
Additionally, swap the placeholder value with the API key provided to you by Conductive.
!function(t,e){var o,n,p,r;e.__SV||(window.frame=e,e._i=[],e.init=function(i,s,a){function g(t,e){var o=e.split(".");2==o.length&&(t=t[o[0]],e=o[1]),t[e]=function(){t.push([e].concat(,0)))}}(p=t.createElement("script")).type="text/javascript",p.async=!0,p.src=s.api_host+"/static/array.js",(r=t.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]).parentNode.insertBefore(p,r);var u=e;for(void 0!==a?u=e[a]=[]:a="frame",u.people=u.people||[],u.toString=function(t){var e="frame";return"frame"!==a&&(e+="."+a),t||(e+=" (stub)"),e},u.people.toString=function(){return u.toString(1)+".people (stub)"},o="capture identify alias people.set people.set_once set_config register register_once unregister opt_out_capturing has_opted_out_capturing opt_in_capturing reset isFeatureEnabled onFeatureFlags".split(" "),n=0;n<o.length;n++)g(u,o[n]);e._i.push([i,s,a])},e.__SV=1)}(document,window.frame||[]);
frame.init('API KEY HERE')

2. NPM / Yarn

You may also include it using NPM via
npm install conductiveai/conductive-sdk
or via Yarn
yarn add conductiveai/conductive-sdk
You can then import it into your project files:
import frame from 'conductiveai/conductive-sdk'
To avoid inadvertently sending test data when developing locally you can do the following
if (!window.location.href.includes('')) {